precast pole foundation

Precast Pole foundation allows you to easily place light pole on job site without worrying to pour concrete in the base and then wait for curing to finally place the pole. At TEG, each precast pole base is engineered and produced to meet your project’s unique needs and desired aesthetic. Our products are manufactured under strict quality control and are thoroughly checked to meet standards. So stop worrying about pouring the bases in the field and give us a call. Click here to know our line of precast products.

Advantages of Precast Pole Foundation

One of the biggest advantages of precast foundation is that there is no need to arrange concrete mixer machine, stock construction raw materials or use other resources on site for pouring. Secondly, your project schedule won’t be constrained by the adverse weather conditions. With the simple installation process, you can install the light poles in the same day, as a result, saving time, labor and equipment expenses. Thirdly, Precast Foundations are used in places where cast-in-situ is either not possible or too costly.


It can be used to erect pole for outdoor lighting, signage foundations, or to hang utility cables, etc.
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