TEG is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Precast Concrete products in Karachi, Pakistan, which includes Pole Foundation, Boundary Wall, Security Road Barrier, Bunker & RMU Foundation. We also manufacture custom designed Precast products on client’s specific requirement. Our products are manufactured under strict quality control and are thoroughly checked to meet standards.

What is Precast Concrete?

It is reinforced concrete that is cast away from the building site, and assembled on site. It is an alternative to cast-in-situ concrete which is cast in its actual location.

Advantages of Precast Construction

Precast construction offers many advantages, including reduction of the time period, cost efficiency, high-quality control, environmental protection, eliminating problems of rain, dust, cold, or heat and where cast-in-situ is either not possible or too costly.
precast concrete

Precast Security Bunker

Bomb proof RCC structure, used for special military security requirement

security road barrier

Precast Security Road Barrier

Road Barriers are widely used for security concerns, where you need to block vehicle from entering

precast pole foundation

Precast Pole Foundation

Used for erecting light or signage pole without worrying about concreting and curing

precast ring man unit foundation

Precast Feeder Pillar & RMU Foundation

Feeder Pillar & Ring Man Unit Foundation is used by Electrical Distribution companies to place their Feeder unit on it.

precast boundary wall

Precast Boundary Wall

Used where you need to separate and secure land or property with minimum time and low cost.

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